What's worse: an egomaniacal bridezilla on a mission to get married, no matter what the cost or waking up to a zombie apocalypse at your front door?

BrainDeadPan looks at what would happen if both catastropic events occured...at the same time, in Bridezilla vs the Apocalypse.

It's not all zombies and brides at this years Hamilton Fringe Festival.  If you'd like check out more plays, get a fringe binge pass or plot out your theatre crawls, hit up the fringe website for more info...

last show:

sunday, 1pm


28 rebecca st

(it was awesome)



Live at the Citadel Studio
28 Rebecca St. Hamilton ON




Thu, July 18 9:30pm
Sat, July 20 1:00pm
Sun, July 21 8:00pm
Tue, July 23 6:30pm
Wed,July 24 9:30pm
Sat, July 27 8:00pm
Sun, July 28 1:00pm

some of the throngs and hordes of BvtA fans hungrily awaiting the show


Friday July 12, 2013

Find our zombies tonight at art crawl and holler the secret password

If you've got the right zombie and the right password, you could win a voucher for a free fringe backer button or a voucher for 2 for 1 admission


The zombies from our show, Bridezilla vs. the Apocalypse - Hamilton Fringe Festival 2013, are coming to #ArtCrawl this evening! AAAAAND we want you to find them! Find the right zombie and you could win either a backer button to the Hamilton Fringe Festival ($4 Value) or a 2 for 1 Pass to see our show ($10 Value)!

How do you win, you ask? Find the right zombie and give them the password! No wait! SCREAM / SHOUT THE PASSWORD! Yeah! That's more in keeping with the tone of our play. If they are the right zombie, you will win!!!

What IS the password you ask? There's a clue on this page AND we've been dropping hints on twitter all day! So check back soon and remember to support all the other artists, volunteers, performers and organizers in what is the biggest Hamilton Fringe Festival to date!

We're coming to get you Hamilton! Join the horde today!


Thursday July 18, 2013

We're very excited to finally have the chance to eat, sorry, entertain you, this evening. But we've realized that maybe you need to know a few things first:


There's a lot of blood and gore in the show. Also laughter. You should probably make sure that you don't have a weak stomach, especially susceptible to laughter, blood and gore


Because there is so much blood being used in the play, there's a high possibilty that you may end up with an unintentional souvenir. We've found that the follow works well to get blood out of clothing (but not, apparently, DNA, according to our resident professional zombie, John Migliore):

  • resolve

  • bleach

  • spot cleaning before washing

  • intense scrubbing


...or you could just purchase a poncho at the door (as a bonus, we'll be documenting the best splatter jobs post show!)


Make sure you hold onto your program afterwards, it'll unlock the "extras" here on the site!

That's it for now. We're coming to get you Hamilton! Join the horde today!

Our Sunday night crowd took the splatter warning VERY seriously (as they should). Almost everyone in the first two rows wore a poncho! Don't forget to pick yours up before the show!

We love hearing that you enjoyed yourself! Be sure to tag us if you post a review on twitter or instagram! More blood you say?


Monday July 29, 2013

We've had an awesome and amazing and supportive 7 shows in 11 days at the 10th Hamilton Fringe Festival. We're exhausted and ecstatic.


There are a ton of thank yous to dole out and extend, but not nearly enough space to do them justice.


Thank you to our families and friends for putting up with us.

Thank you to the Fringe staff and volunteers for being amazing and so very friendly and helpful.

Thank you to our fellow artists for not only giving us some awesome entertainment and inspiration, but as well for spreading the word about our little piece of this pie.

Thank you to the Baltimore House for keeping us supplied with drinks and comfortable seats and brownies.

Thank you to the Citadel Studio for being super patient with an ultra messy production who used up all your mops and sprayed our stage blood concoction on your risers on a near daily basis.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our show, who stood in line, who bought ponchos, who tweeted about us, instagrammed about us, who facebooked about us.

Thank each and every one of you for joining the horde!


PS: we got best in venue! so extra thanks for that!